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Welcome To The New Website

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

After many years of not having a website for my paintings and sculptures, I decided to sit down and begin to filter through collected photos of my work. Much of what I have selected to display here is a true representation of where I am in my process and the work only goes back 4 years at the most. I was very critical in choosing what to put on the site, but in the long run art that is featured feels harmonious to me.

"Room" 1979 by Jake Berthot

The late painter, Jake Berthot (1939-2014), has been on my mind a good deal the last year or so. Having started out as an abstract painter in NYC, and received a good amount of success in his endeavor, he moved upstate to the country and transitioned to a landscape painter. The new work was met by many with disfavor who championed his more abstract works. But Berthot disregarded the negativity and pressed on in the new direction with confidence in his decision. With time viewership recognized what he was painting and, I believe, saw that the landscapes were actually not all that far from the concerns and construction of the abstract ones.

"Old Birch" 2000 by Jake Berthot

I have great admiration for the artists that stay true to their visions despite what may be popular at the time or the criticism they encounter. I'm sure there were periods where Jake Berthot felt crushed and wanted to consider doing something to appease or simply make a sale.

In the end, Berthot has left us with an incredibly rich, diverse body of work that is uniquely his vision and no one else's. I'm grateful for his perseverance and his landscapes.

"Ponch" (detail) by Loren Myhre

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