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It's tough being an abstractionist.  My mind is always conflicted and constantly seeking a solution through paint and objects.  I attempt to discard of preconceived notions, empty my mind, and work exclusively from intuition.  Much of my preoccupation lies in resolving conflicted surfaces that I have created for myself.  Within my constructed surfaces there is room for refinement and crudeness.  My objects that possess the ability of feeling particularized while slipping into free associative passages of poetry and profundity.
Loren Myhre received his BFA from the University of Florida and his MFA in 2004 from Parsons School of Design in NY.  Upon moving to New York in 2002, Myhre had the privilege of studying under sculptor Tom Butter and painter Louise Fishman.  Those years would prove to be the most formative for Myhre as he developed both an interest in sculpture and painting.  For a number of years, Myhre spent time in St.Augustine, FL where he taught sculpture at Flagler College until in 2017 he uprooted and moved to Kentucky.  Loren has exhibited his art nationally in New York, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Florida.  He currently lives and works in Louisville, KY.

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